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Maharshi's Gospel - 4
« on: June 19, 2009, 12:23:58 PM »

This third visit to Tiruvannamalai seems to have intensified
the sense of egoism in me and made meditation less easy.
Is this an unimportant passing phase or a sign that I should
avoid such places hereafter?


It is imaginary.  This place or another is within you.  Such
imaginations must end, for places as such have nothing
to do with the activities of the mind.  Also your surroundings
are not merely a matter of your individual choice, they are
there, as a matter of course; and you should rise above them
and not get yourself entangled in them.

[Bhagavan gave such an answer because the visitor had
made a strange observation that his meditation had become
less easy that time.  No doubt, a place or surroundings do not
make much of a difference, since the struggle is within.  But
almost all devotees/visitors had said that the place and Bhagavan's Presence helped them in their meditation or
self enquiry.  Persons like Chadwick did not return home at
all.  The Power of the Presence is felt even today, because
Bhagavan Ramana has said:  "Where am I go?  I am here."


How can the rebellious mind be made calm and tranquil?


Either see its source so that it may disappear.  Or surrender
yourself so that it may be STRUCK DOWN.  Self Surrender
is the same thing as Self Knowledge, and either of them
necessarily implies self-control.  The ego submits only when it recognizes the Higher Power.       


How can I escape from samsara which seems to be the real
cause of making the mind restless.  Is not renunciation, an
effective means to realize tranquility of mind?

Bhagavan:  Samsara is only in your mind. The world does not
speak saying, 'Here I am, the world.'... Renunication is the
non identification of the Self with the not-Self.  When ignorance
which identifies the Self with not-Self is removed, not-Self
ceases to exist, and that is true renunciation.


Can we not perform actions without attachment even in the
absence of such renunication?


An Atma Jnani alone can be a good Karma Yogi.

(Source: Maharshi's Gospel)

Arunachala Siva.