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Maharshi's Gospel - 3
« on: June 19, 2009, 12:07:53 PM »
Questioner:  Other thoughts arise moire forcibly when one
attempts meditation!

Bhagavan:  Yes, all kinds of thoughts arise in meditation.
That is only right, for what lies hidden in you is brought
out.  Unless it rises up, how can it be DESTROYED?   Thoughts
rise up spontaneously, as it were, but only to be EXTINGUISHED in due course, thus strengthening the mind.

Question:  There are times when persons and things
take a vague, almost transparent form, as in a dream.
One ceases to observe them as outside, but passively conscious
of their existence, while not actively conscious of any kind
of selfhood.  There is a deep quietness in the mind.  Is it
at such times that one is ready to dive into the Self? Or is
this condition unhealthy, the result of self hypnotism?
Should it be encouraged as yielding temporary peace?

Bhagavan:  There is Consciousness along with quietness
in the mind.  This is exactly to be aimed at.  The fact that
the question has formed on this point, without realizing that
it is the Self, shows that the state is not steady but casual.

The word 'diving' is appropriate when there are outgoing
tendencies, and whn, therefore, the mind has to be directed
and turned within, there is a dip below the surface of externalities.  But when quietness prevails without obstructing the Consciousness, where is the need to dive?  If that state
has not been realized as the Self, the effort to do so may be
called 'diving'.   In this sense the state may be said to be
suitable for the realization or diving. Thus the last two questions that you have put do not arise.

[1. Bhagavan Ramana has used the word 'diving' in the pearl-
diver's example in Who am I?  While explaining Vairagya,
He has said that like a pearl-diver, one shoud dive into the
Self, with vairagya till he gets the pearl.

  2. The permanent dream state of a Jnani has also been explained by Bhagavan Ramana in some other context.  The
temporary dream like situation occurs for a seeker while
practising meditation and self enquiry.  But for a realized
Jnani, this state is permanent dream state.  Once in the Hall,
devotees were searching for a photograph, which some of them had been seeing and suddenly got misplaced.  After some time, the photograph was found in between the pages of a book held by a devotee.  The devotees asked how Bhagavan viewed the whole scene.  Bhagavan smiled and said:  "The missing of the photograph was a dream.  Its rediscovery was also a dream!"

    3. Even a Jnani's state of sleep is also a dream because he is the Self.  Saint Tayumanavar says:  Thoongal Thoongi Sukam Peruvadhu Ekkaalam?  When shall I acquire the state of sleep less sleep and enjoy Sukam?  Bhagavan Ramana also used to tell that He is having a sleepless sleep.]

(Source:  Maharshi's Gospel.)

Arunachala Siva.