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Vittala devotees and Siva devotees
« on: June 18, 2009, 05:36:37 PM »
I heard from a discourse last evening:

The devotees of Vittala are not Vaishnavites in a strict sense.
In fact, they treat Vittala both as Vishnu and Siva.  Some
of these devotees' lives stand parallel to Siva devotees
of Periya Puranam.

Periya Puranam speaks of four bhavas of devotees.
The first is Child-Father relationship, Pitru or Matru
bhava.  We have got Tiru Jnana Sambandhar who considerd
himself as Siva-Uma's son.  In fact, he is an avatara of Skanda.
In Maha Bhakta Vijayam, Mukta Bai, the girl-child, younger
sister of Jnana Deva, treated Vittala as her Father.

The second is Sakya-bhava, or relationship of a friend.
Sundaramoorthy treated Siva as his friend.  He even asked
Him to go to his wife's place as a messenger to solve the
love-quarrel.  In Maha Bhakta Vijayam, Nama Deva treated
Vittala as his friend.  He used to call Him in singular, as one
calls his close friend.

The third is Dasa Bhava.  The relationship between a slave
and a Master.  Purandara Dasa is a classic example for this.
Saint Tiru Navukkarasar treated him as a slave of Siva.  He
used to take a small pick axe and spade to clear the weeds
in all Siva's temples.

The fourth is Nayaki-Nayaka Bhava.  Saint Manikkavachagar
is the classic example in Siva saints, even though he does not
find a place in the group of 63 Saints.  Chaitanya Maha Prabhu
is also an example for Nayaki-Nayaka Bhava.  He treated
Jagannath of Puri if not Vittala, as his husband.  Manikkavachagar's Tiru Chitrambala Kovai, with 400 verses
is full of this bhava.  He even says certain things which would
make Arabian Nights hang its head in shame.  Later Chidambaram Ramalinga Swami said in one of his poems:

The brahmins will find this [TCK] as Vedas,
Tamil pandits as classic Tamil Veda.
Yogis will call it as a terrific example of Veera Marga*
And the normal seekers call it a good Kama Sastra!

[*  Veera Marga is one where the yogi treats God or Goddess
as his bed-mate.  Bhairavi Brahmani wanted to teach SRK
this.  SRK refused.]

Arunachala Siva.