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Four Great Saiva Saints
« on: June 17, 2009, 06:54:57 PM »
As you may be aware, Tiru Jnana Sambandhar, Tiru Navukkarasar, Sundaramurthy and Manikkavachagar are
the four great saints of Saivism.   Each one has been taken
control of by Siva in a different way.

One Tamil poem says, they were shown Pal, Sool, Olai
and Kal. 

Pal means milk in Tamil.  For Tiru Jnana Sambandhar,
[who is an avatara of Skanda, the last avatara being
Bhagavan Ramana], was taken control of by Siva by
Uma giving milk, when the saint was three years old,
in Seerkazhi.

Sool means colic pain. For Tirunavukkarasar, was taken
control of by Siva, by giving him the colic pain, when he
was a convert Jain in Kanchipuram.

Olai means a palmyra leaf.  For Sundaramoorthy, Siva
came in disguise with a palmyra leaf, which said the
saint is a slave for him.  He thus stopped his marriage,
took him to Tiruvennainallur where Siva disappeared
into the temple as a bright light!

Kal means legs.  For Manikkavachagar, Siva showed his
legs in Tiru Kazhu Kundram [or Tiruvidaimaruthur] as
an old brahmin, under Kurunda tree.  Manikkavachagar
held his Guru's legs and became a devotee and saint.

Bhagavan Ramana was taken control of by Siva by the
word Arunachalam through a relative of Bhagavan Ramana
when he was 15 years old!  Arunachalam was the word.
Bhagavan describes this in Arunachala Ashtakam, Verse 1.

Arunachala Siva.