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Hatha Yoga and Self Enquiry - 1
« on: June 17, 2009, 12:55:11 PM »
Question:  Hatha yoga practices are said to banish diseases
effectively and are therefore advocated as preliminaries to
Jnana Yoga.

Bhagavan:  Let those who advocate them use them.  It has
not been the experience here.  All diseases will be effectively
annihilated by continuous self enquiry. [Swarnagiri - Crumbs
from the table].  If you proceed on the notion that health of
body is necessary for health of mind, there will never be end
to the care of the body. [Maha Yoga -WHO].

Question:  Is not hatha yoga necessary for the enquiry into
the Self?

Bhagavan:  Each one finds some one method suitable to himself according to his latent tendencies, purava samskara.

Question:  Can hatha yoga be accomplished at my age?

Bhagavan:  Why do you think all that?  Because you think the Self is exterior to yourself, you desire it and try for it. But
do you not exist all along?  Why do you leave yourself and
go after something external?

Question:  But even hatha yoga is so much spoken of as aid.

Bhagavan:  Yes.  Even great pandits well versed in the Vedanta
continue the practice of it.  Otherwise, their minds will not
subside.  So you may say it is useful for those who cannot
otherwise still the mind.

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Arunachala Siva.