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Dry Roti and Green Chillies
« on: June 16, 2009, 12:29:53 PM »
In Norther Karnataka [ Where Purandara Dasa was born],
that is the present Bidar, Dharward, Raichur, Bijapur districts,
the food habit changes, from rice to roti or chapatti.  There
the poor labourers take dry rotis and green chillies for their
lunch.  They cannot afford ghee roasted rotis and sabji, vegetables.  The Saint has sung a wonderful song with these
badvara roti [the poor man's dry rotis] and green chillies

The man takes first roti with three green chillies.  [Chillies
are famous in that area, we have got Bydgi chillies, Raichur
chillies and Guntur chillies].  The roti represents the individual
soul and three green chillies to start with, represent three
basic traits, kama, krodha and moha.  In due course, man
is not satisified with three chillies alone.  He wants the roti
and its taste hotter, so he takes five chillies.  Adding madha
and mascharya!  With these five chillies, he suffers burning
and pain in stomach.  As he becomes aged, he leaves these
and take only the red chillies, [Red means Efflugence also]
which are said to be less hot, if not exposed to sun.  He finds Narayana or Siva as the only support for his roti
i.e. individual soul! 

The green chillies also represent Prakriti or Maha Maya, the
goddess Uma, who first shows him the pleasures of the world, which he has to go through, find it uninteresting at some stage and then come to Narayana or Siva.

Purandara Dasa says, for the poor, only chillies are the essentials, i.e God's name is essential for overcoming worldly sorrows.  This God's name which is three, Rama, Rama, Rama becomes five, Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama Rama in due course.  Badavarukku adhara.... For poor, it is the support.  Then for the family welfare also this is the only food.  Manaikku Ahara....  Then finally the red chillies, the glorius Vittala [Panduranga]  reveals Himself as the avasra, the need.  Bidukadaikku avasara...
Bidukadai - Liberation.

(Source: From a programme titled Dasa Vani from Sri
Sankara TV.)

Arunachala Siva.