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A Question Paper to Bhagavan!
« on: June 16, 2009, 12:05:00 PM »
On 12th April entry, in Day by Day, Devaraja Mudaliar writes:

In the afternoon, a visitor had given Bhagavan a piece of
paper on which he had scribbled in pencil a number of questions.  Bhagavan was trying to decipher them and turning
around to me, He said: Here is a question paper.

Q: How to rid of credulousness?

(The visitor's problem was that he starts with some ideal
recommended to him, but when others come and recommend
other ideals, he feels inclined to believe them and give up his
old ideals)

Bhagavan:  Yes. Yes. Our whole trouble is that we are credulous.  We believe in everything except the Reality.  We
must give up all our false beliefs and that is the only thing,
we have to do.  Then the Reality will shine by itself.

Q: I start with great keeness towards some ideal.  But gradually I get slack.  What should I do to prevent it, and what is the
reason for this happening?

Bhagavan: Just as there must have been a reason for your keenness at one time, there must be a reason for getting slack
also later on.

Q: There are a number of spiritual teachers teaching various
paths.  Whom should one take for one's Guru?

Bhagavan:  Choose the one where you find you get Shanti
or Peace.

Q:  What is the best way of dealing with desires?

Bhagavan:  If a desire can be got rid of by satisfying it there
will be no harm in satisfying such a desire. But desires generally are not eradicated by satisfaction.  Trying to root them out
that way is like pouring spirits to quench them.  At the same time, the proper remedy is not forcible suppression. since such repression is bound to react sooner or later into forceful surging up with undesirable consequences.  The proper way to get rid of a desire, is to find out, 'Who gets the desire?  What is the source?  When this is found out, such desires will be rooted
out and it will never again emerge or grow.  Small desires such as the desire to eat, drink and sleep and attend to calls of nature, though these may also be classed as desires, you can satisfy.  They will not implant vasanas in your mind.

(Source: Day by Day.)

Arunachala Siva.