Author Topic: Siva Manasa Puja of a different kind - 7  (Read 1397 times)


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Siva Manasa Puja of a different kind - 7
« on: June 14, 2009, 07:07:28 PM »
Mangayarkarasi was the Pandyan King.  She was born to
a Chozha but was given in marriage to Pandyan Nedu Maran.
Nedu Maran was only a name sake Nedu Maran, Tall Narayana,
but he was a hunchback.  He got somehow attracted to Jainism
and Jain monks ruled over him.  All pujas in Meenakshi Temple
in Madurai and other temples were stopped.  Even though the
Queen was a pious Saivite, she could not even apply holy ashes
on her forehead and she is said to have mixed holy ashes in
the sandal paste and applied it on her breasts.  The King's
minister was an ardent Saivite and the King could not help
it, because he needed Kulachirayar, the minister.  The minister
wanted to call Jnana Sambandhar to the city so that he would
do something with the king and the Jainism.  He told the queen
to permit him to send someone to Vedaranyam to see Jnana
Sambandhar and bring him to Madurai.  As soon as the queen
heard Jnana Sambandar's name [the saint was eight years
old then![, her breasts oozed mother's milk.  Such was her
motherly love for the child whom she had not seen even once!

The story goes that Jnana Sambandhar came to Madurai and
meantime, the king developed acute colic pain and the mantras
and peacock-feather touching of Jainism only increased the
colic pain.  He agreed to call Jnana Sambandha.  The queen
and the minister rushed to the temple and Jnana Sambandha
was there and they respectfully invited him to the palace to
cure the king's colic pain.  Jnana Sambandha said that he
would first see Sundareswara and Meenakshi and then come.
The queen and the minsiter were waiting in the outer portals
of the temple.  Jnana Sambandha sang:  O Siva, I have come
with your approval and to pay heed to my mother's request.
Please make my trip success.  The queen was thrilled.  Jnana
Sambandha came and with holy ashes, he cured the king's
colic pain and also straightened his back.  As per the challenge, the Jain monks volunteered to go to the gallows.

Sekkizhar says that while Bhagavati was Jnana Sambandhar's
biological mother and Uma was his spiritual mother, [Uma came with Siva and gave breast milk at Seerkazhi when the saint
was three years old], Mangayarkarasi was the saint's mother
in all equality with Bhagavati and Uma.  The queen considered
him as his child and after wedding to Pandyan King, that is
the only Siva Puja she did.

Arunachala Siva.