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Krishna is black
« on: June 14, 2009, 05:43:54 PM »
There is a Marathi song, which reads as follows:

Krishna asked his mother Yasoda:  "Amma, why I am black
and Radha is red?'

Yasoda answered:  "O my child, Radha was born during
daytime but you were born in midnight, so you are black."

Krishana pursued: "Amma, but the calf at our house was
born at midnight, but it is spotlessly white.  How come?"

Yasoda said:  " But its mother is black, don't you see?  There
will be some exceptions."

Krishna did not leave the matter:  "How come the cow eats
green grass but gives white milk.  I eat white butter but
I am still black!"

Yasoda has no answer.  The Child is father of the man!

[Krishna or Narayana and Uma are black or euphemistically
green in colour.  One Azhwar sings:  O the Black Ruby!  Uma
is also called Syamala, meaning green.  They are siblings.
Siva and Saraswati are siblings.  They are milky white in
complexion.  Brahma and Lakshmi (Radha) are red in

Arunachala Siva.