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Poorna or Brahman
« on: June 14, 2009, 05:17:08 PM »
On the afternoon of 15th March 1946, Dr. Masalavala, who
had been here for a few days, placed in Bhagavan's hands,
a letter he had received from his friend, V.K. Ajgaonkar,
a gentleman of about thirty-five and a follower of Jnaneswar
Maharaj, who is said to have attained Jnana in his 28th year.

The letter said:  "You call me Poorna. Who is not Poorna in
this world?"  Bhagavan agreed and continued in the vein
in which He discoursed in the morning, and said:  "We limit
ourselves first, then seek to become the unlimited that we
always are.  All effort is only for giving up the notion that
we are limited."

The letter further said: "The first verse in Isvasyopanishad
says the world is Poorna. It simply cannot be anything else,
as its very existence is built on Poorna."  Bhagavan approved
of this also, and said, "There is this typed letter, for instance.
To see the world alone and not Poorna or Self of Brahman
would be something like saying, 'I see the letters, but not
the paper';  while the exitence of the paper that makes the
existence of the letters possible!' "

Dr. Masalavala said, 'In the letter we see the paper.  But
we are able to see only the world and we don't see God!'

Bhagavan replied:  "What happens when we sleep?  Where
did the world go then?  The you alone or the Self existed."

The letter also said: "Jnaneswar Maharaj has said God will
never forsake the devotees, who have undivided love for him."
Bhagavan Ramana said:  "Every saint, every book says so.  I
have been reading Rama Das's writings.  Here, too, so many
verses end, 'Ramachandra will never forsake his bhaktas."
So saying, Bhagavan read out a few of those verses.

(Source: Day by Day, 15th March 1946)

Arunachala Siva.