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Discussion on living Guru
« on: June 14, 2009, 02:19:21 PM »
Devaraja Mudaliar writes in Day by Day, entry dated 9th
March 1946.

Dr. Masalavala, a retired Chief Medical Officer of Bhopal,
who has been here for more than one month, put the
following questions to Bhagavan Ramana.

Q:-  Bhagavan says, "The influence of the Jnani steals
into the devotee in Silence."  Bhagavan also says, "Contact
with great men, exalted souls, is one efficacious means of
realizing one's true being."

B:  Yes, yes.  What is the contradiction?  Jnani, great men,
exalted souls  -- does he (Dr. M) differentiate between them?"

Thereupon I said:  No.

B: Contact with them is good.  They will work through Silence.  Silence is the most powerful.  Speech is always less powerful
than Silence.  So mental contact is the best.

Q:  Does this hold well even after the dissolution of the
physical body of Jnani or is true only so long as he is
in flesh and blood?

B:  Guru is not physical form. So, the contact will remain
even after the physical form of Guru vanishes. 

Bhagavan further said:

As already explained, Guru not being physical form, his
contact will continue even after his form vanishes.  If
one Jnani exists in the world, his influence will be felt
by or benefit all people in the world, and not simply his
immediate disciples.  All the people in the world are divided
into his disciples, his devotees, those who are indifferent
to him and those who are even hostile to him and it is said
in a verse in Vedanta Choodamani that all these classes
will be benefited by the existence of the Jnani.  One can go
to another Guru, after his Guru passes away.  But all Gurus
are one, as none of them is the form.  Always mental contacts
is the best..

(Source: As indicated above.)

Arunachala Siva.