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Uma alias Parvati
« on: June 14, 2009, 12:04:08 PM »
Once a Telugu visitor asked Bhagavan Ramana, how Parvati
got her the name UMA.  Bhagavan Ramana said:  "It is there
in Arunachala Puranam."  He asked someone to bring a
Telugu copy of Arunachala Puranam.  He then opened the
book and narrated the story.

Sati, the daugher of Daksha immolated herself when the
her father insulted Siva.  She was born again as the daughter
of Himavan, [Mount Himachala] and Mena Devi.  She started
doing penance right from her young age to get married to Siva.  Seeing the young daughter spending her time always in penance, Mena Devi  once chided her saying:  U [No!] Ma
[Give up!].  That is how she got the name UMA.

Bhagavan then smiled and further said:  There is one more story.  Parvati wanted to do penance and she wanted a Guru.
Himavan took her to Sri Dakshinamoorthy.  Siva told her:
"Why do you want to do tapas at this tender age?  I have
conquered Prakriti [nature] and so I am capable of concentrating
on the tapas. Please go back."  Parvati then asked Siva:
"O Lord, you say you have conquered prakriti.  Without some
relationship with prakiriti how can you do tapas?  How are
you talking now, how are you walking now?  I am telling you
one more thing, if you have conquered prakiriti, how come
you are afraid of my staying with you." Siva was then pleased
and then said: Ingithagna! [skillful].  Madhurvachani! [of
sweet words]. Uma! [no, you have made me give up].

(Source:  Letters from Sri Ramanasramam.  Suri Nagamma.
Letter of 26th Feb 1946.)

Arunachala Siva.