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Samartha Rama Das
« on: June 13, 2009, 02:30:59 PM »
Then Gajanana, [Daivarata of Sri Ramana Gita] narrated
the following story in the Hall.

Such miracles [as that of Maschendra Nath] have done by
every Sage right from Sri Sankara.  Samartha Rama Das
had many disciples.  One of them used to grind the betel
leaves and nut in his own mouth first and then offer it to
Ramadas.  Some other disciples found it once and thought
this sacrilegious and went and told Samartha Rama Das.
Then Rama Das told them: "Please ask him to bring the
pestle and mortar  with which he daily prepares the betel
leaves for me."  The disciples became very happy that
the particular disciple was going to be caught and punished.
They went to him and asked what Rama Das had asked.
The disciple said: "Is it so?"  Then he took a sword, cut off
his head!  The other disciples grew panicky and then took
the head to Rama Das.  The Guru said: "Now, see his Guru
Bhakti.  How you have misunderstood him and maligned
him. Go put this head back on the trunk."  The disciples
went and did and the disciple came to life again.  The same
Rama Das had given the Sword of Bhavani to Chatrapati

(Source: Day by Day, 15.2.1946)

Arunachala Siva.