Author Topic: Thinking without thinking, seeking without seeking  (Read 1295 times)


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Thinking without thinking, seeking without seeking
« on: June 11, 2009, 11:52:46 AM »
Yesterday, I wrote about how to do without thinking etc.,
in some other context.  I also said it is like the Dance of the
Unmoving, Achala Rachitam from Viswanatha Swami's

Devaraja Mudaliar writes in his entry of 25th Jan 1946,
in his Day by Day.

Today Lokammal sang the songs of Manikkavachagar's
Tiru Kazhu Kundra Padigam.  In verse 4 of that Padigam,
it is said, " being ashamed without being ashamed"
"NaNoNathathor NaNameyidi...."  Bhagavan Ramana said
that it might be one of those poetic expressions, like
Nadaamal Naadi and Ninaiyamal Ninainthu.... "Seeking without
seeking and thinking without thinking..." How to seek without
seeking, how to think without thinking?  These are all the
ways of saying [by poets].  There is no other way of saying."

I checked up with my copy of Tiruvachakam by K. Subramania
Pillai.  There was no light at all.  Muruganar thereupon said
that Manikkavachagar writes such allusive poems.  In
Neethal Vinnappam written in Uttara Kosa Mangai, he talks
about sixty four yakshas getting the eightfold gunas from
Siva.  This story of Uttarakosa Mangai does not seem to have
been published. It appears that many things in Saint
Manikkavachagar's life and many saying or songs would be
better elucidated if one could get a book of Tiru ViLaiyadal
Puranam which can explain all these.

Bhagavan got the book of Tiru ViLaiyadal Puranam, but the
story was not there.

(Source: As indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.