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That is Aata [play] this is Theta [verse]
« on: June 11, 2009, 11:36:45 AM »
Suri Nagamma writes in her letter of 23rd Jan 1946.

Sometime back while replying to the questions of some
devotees, Bhagavan was reminded of a sloka in Hamsa
Gita, which describes the attributes of a Siddha with great
enthusiasm, wrote out a verse in Tamil. [This is the verse
describing a Jnani's concern for body, as a drunkard concern
for his clothes].  Balarama Reddiar who was present there
asked: What about a verse in Telugu?  Bhagavan then
wrote a verse in Telugu in Aataveladi [ a form of verse]
and was wondering whether the import of the Sanskrit
and Tamil slokas had come out correctly.  I suggested
in a low tone that it might perhaps be better if it were in
Theta Gita [another form of Telugu verse].  Bhagavan
thereupon said: "Yes, it could be changed thus." He quickly
changed that and said  "That is Aata and this is Theta."

I was rather intrigued by that saying.  I was wondering
whether His Theta Gita, even though is perfectly metrical,
conveys the meaning in a smooth flowing manner.  However,
I was happy that Bhagavan had written it and kept quiet.
In the afternoon, I told Bhagavan: "In whatever ways,
Bhagavan writes it is good."  Bhagavan Ramana said: "It         
is quite enough if one person is satisfied when written
by an unqualified person like myself!"  People around
burst into laughing!

He says he is not learned and all the other writers are
great Pandits!  What else is it, except a mild reproach
to some of us who pride ourselves on our erudition?   

[Our Telugu friends can pick up this Telugu verse and
write in the Forum. I think it is available in the English
translation of Letters from Sri Ramanasramam.]

(Source: As indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.