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Dharma and Dharma-sukshma
« on: June 09, 2009, 12:51:44 PM »
Suri Nagamma writes this in her letter dated 4th Jan 1946.

People occasionally bring to Bhagavan, prasad consisting
of vibhuti and kumkum from various places such as
Tiruchendur, Madurai and Rameswaram.  Bhagavan accepts
it with great reverence saying: Look, Subrahmanya from
Tiruchendur has come.  See there Meenkashi from Madurai
has come.  Here is Ramalinga from Rameswaram.  Some
others bring holy water saying, 'This is from Ganga, this is
from Gautami, this is from Kaveri and that is from Krishna."
Whenever such water is brought, Bhagavan accepts it saying,
'Here is Mother Ganga.  There is Gautami.  This is Kaveri
and that is Krishnaveni.

This first puzzled me.  When Bhagavan Ramana Himself is
the Eternal Being who is the origin of all tirthas, how foolish
these people bring prasad and tirthas.  Sometime back someone brought sea water.  Bhagavan accepted it saying, 'Uptil now,
people have brought waters from rivers, but not the Sagara.
This is the first time, it has come.  This is very good.  Give it

I suddenly remembered ancient rishis telling that tirthas
and sagara and devatas go to sages as Ramana to pay respects to their lotus feet.  And I was thinking all along, that these
were all hyberboles.  I now understood from the incidents that
occured in my immediate presence of Mahatmas, that one
should infer the inner meaning of things carefully. It becomes
clear that Dharma is one thing and Dharma-sukshma, the
underlying principle of Dharma, is another thing.

(Source: Suri Nagamma's Letters from Sri Ramanasramam.)

Arunachala Siva.