Author Topic: Can a Guru transform a disciple?  (Read 1351 times)


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Can a Guru transform a disciple?
« on: June 09, 2009, 12:07:54 PM »
A visitor on 3rd Jan 1946, asked Bhagavan: "Can one
person create an urge for anything in another?  Can a
Guru transform a disciple as if by magic?

Bhagavan:  What is your idea of a Guru?  You think of him
in human shape as a body of certain dimensions, colours,
etc., A disciple after enlightenment told his Guru: 'I now
realize you lived in my innermost heart as the one reality
in all my countless births and have now come before me
in human shape and lifted the veil of ignorance.  What
can I do for you in return for such great kindness?'  And
the Guru said: 'You need not do anything.  It is enough if
you remain as you are in your real state.'  This is the truth
about the Guru.

[In this context, Saint Manikkavachagar's song in Kovil
Tirupadigam, verse 10 can be remembered.  He says:
"You have given yourself to me and taken to yourself, me.
Who is the cleverer among the two? I got endless bliss,
what have you gained from me?  O Lord of Tiruperundurai,
Siva, you have taken abode in my Heart. O my Father, Isvara,
you have chosen this body, what return can I render you for
you kindness?]

(Source: Day by Day, Devaraja Mudaliar. Tiruvachakam,
K. Subramania Pillai, translation my own.)

Arunachala Siva.