Author Topic: Brahma Jnani and social reforms  (Read 1422 times)


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Brahma Jnani and social reforms
« on: June 08, 2009, 12:31:47 PM »
Once in Jan 1946, someone asked Bhagavan Ramana about
Jnani's taking up social reforms by travelling everywhere.
Bhagavan Ramana answered:-

"The forefathers who founed the concept of varnasrama
dharma have also said about abheda buddhi, the oneness
of all life.  There is no need for any one to start reforming
the country or the nation, before reforming oneself.  Each
man's first duty is to realize his true nature.  If after doing
it, he feels like reforming the country or nation, by all means,
let him take up such reform.  Ram Tirtha advertised: 'Wanted
reformers -- but reformers who will reform themselves first."
No two persons in the world can be alike or can act alike.
External differences are bound to persist, however hard one
may try to obliterate them.  the attempt of so-called social
reformers, to do away with such classes or divisions created
by varnasrama dharma, have not succeeded, but have only
created new divisions and added a few more castes or
classes to the already existing ones, such Brahmo-Samajists
and the Arya Samajists.  The only solution is for each man
to realize his true nature.

(Source: Day by Day. Devaraja Mudaliar. 2.1.1946.)

Arunachala Siva.