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Bhagavan's Dreams
« on: June 02, 2009, 11:58:10 AM »
Bhagavan Ramana has said on more than one occasion, that
He also used to have dreams.  On 19th March 1945, He said:

I once had a dream that I went to Pazhani and I then
devoured the Pazhani Muruga.

And He had at another time a dream that He visited
Tiruchendur temple, where the deity is also Muruga.
The details of this dream, Bhagavan Ramana did not remember.

Devaraja Mudaliar further said:

I remembered that some people once wanted to know if a
Jivan Mukta can have dreams.  The doubt is natural because
we believe Jnanis have no sleep, like ordinary men. So they
may not have dreams. I therefore asked Bhagavan about this
matter and He said:

If the Jnani can have a waking state, what is the difficulty
about his having a dream state?  But, of course, as his
waking state is different from ordinary man's waking state,
so his dream state is also different from the ordinary man's
dream state.  Whether in waking or in dream, he will not
slip from his real state which is sometimes called the fourth
state or Turiya state.

(Source: Arunachala's Ramana.  Boundless Ocean of Grace.
Volume 5. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.