Author Topic: Random Teachings from Yoga Vasishta  (Read 1760 times)


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Random Teachings from Yoga Vasishta
« on: June 01, 2009, 04:23:47 PM »
Whenever the mind is occupied with the thought of
any thing, it is immediately assimilated into the nature of that
object, and assumes the same form on itself.

upon seeing or thinking of an enemy, the mind
turns to enmity, at the very sight or thought of its foe; as it
assumes the nature of friendliness, on the visit and remembrance
of a friend.

Again the mind is sweetened (pleased) on relishing the
sweets, and embittered by tasting the bitter. It becomes fond
of the sweet, and averse to whatever is sour and bitter and unpalatable.

So when a ravenous beast comes in the sight of a dispassionate
Yogi, its envious nature is changed to dispassionateness,
and it desists from doing him any injury.
("Good company turns the wicked to goodness").

Know the mind to be the root of all the miseries of life,
and its desires as the sprouts of the forest of our calamities.

Sage Vasishta to Sir Rama
॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta


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Re: Random Teachings from Yoga Vasishta
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2009, 04:54:04 PM »
Dear Nagaraj,

Yes. When Bhagavan Ramana was on the Hill, serpents
and peacocks used to remain quiet, friendly to each other
in His Presence.  Panthers which came to tanks and ponds
to drink water, finished their work and went away without
harming anyone.

Arunachala Siva.