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Guru Gita - 2
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The work then proceeds to describe the nature of the guru,
in some verses.  It proclaims that none of the spiritual
sadhana are of any avail, unless the real nature of the Guru
[Guru Tattva] is understood by the seeker.

Verse 24:-

"Japatapa vratam tirtham yajno danam tathaivacha
guru-tattvam avijnnaya sarvam vyartham bhavet-priye!"

Japa, austerities, observances, pilgrimage, sacrifice,
charity -- all these become a mere waste without
understanding the real nature, the Guru Tattva,
O dear Parvati!

Verse 25:-

"Guru-buddhya tamano nanyat satyam satyam varanane
tallabhartham prayanastu kartavyscha manisishibhi" 

O Parvati, [of winsome face], I declare unto Thee, with
all the emphasis at my command, that there is no difference
between the Guru and the Self.  Therefore, efforts should be
made by seekers, men learned in the scriptures, men of
wisdom for its attainment.

The system of sadhana is so centred on the Guru has come
to be known as Guru Yoga, by Shirdi Sai Baba.  The attainment
of a qualified Guru is the only means to the attainment of
Jnana.  Therefore there is no difference between the Guru
and Atma Jnana.

Guru Yoga holds that the Guru is the sole facilitator of the
disciple's realization.  The disciple's task consists merely in
placing his or her complete faith in the Guru and serving
him day and night with full devotion.  In the course, the
Guru takes compassion upon him and confers Jnana. 

It is not that the Guru is extracting a price from the disciple
by way of service in exchange for this favour.  The Guru,
merged in the Self, is in no need of service from the disciple
or anybody else.  His receiving of service is meant only an
opportunity for the disciple to overcome the baser instincts
of his ego and thus merit the Guru's grace, for eventual
annulment of the ego.  [Chitta suddhi].  We find here a
parallel to Bhagavan Ramana's teachings.  The realization
is the result of the Master's grace more than his teachings,
conversations etc., They are only secondary aids whereas
the former is the primary and the essential cause.  [Talks
No. 13 of 07.01.1935].

Verse 39:-

"Guru-murtim smarennityam gurornama sada-japet
Gurorajnam prakurvita guroranyaannabhavayet."

This verse speaks clearly of surrender that is expected
of the disciple. 

One should always keep the Guru's form in mind, should
always do japa of the Guru's name, should carry out the
Guru's orders and should not think of anything other than
the Guru.

[We have seen from Appothi Adigal's story, that he was
chanting only the name of Tiru Navukkarasu and not even

(Source: As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.