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Pampan Sri Kumara Gurudasa Swamigal
« on: May 30, 2009, 12:48:23 PM »
A few days back Ramanaduli mentioned about some siddhas
whom are less known like Gunangudi Mastan Swamigal.
Yesterday, I was listening to the songs titled Paripoorana
Panchamirtam, containing 5 melodious songs under five
types of abhishekams for Murugan -- like milk, curd, ghee,
sugar and honey. 

Sri Pampan Swamigal was born in Pampan, a village
on the southernmost tip of India near Kanyakumari.
He was the son of one Sathappa Pillai. His name was
Appavu.  He was taught classical Tamil by one Muniyandi
Pillai, a versatile Tamil pandit.  One day, when he went to
the Siva temple of Ramanathapuam, he desired to write
poems on Muruga and the impulse became a reality immediately. He could compose songs on Muruga.  He wrote
them afterwards and kept with him.  One day one Sethu Madhava Iyer of Rameswaram happened to read these poems
and became quite excited.  He took Appavu and gave him
the six lettered mantra of Muruga as Upadesa.  He also got
him married later to a good lady.

Soon Appavu Pillai started performing miralces for good
purpose , like curing illness etc.,  He also composed many
songs on Muruga.  He wrote this Paripoorana Panchamirtam
in 1891. After visiting many Murga temples, Appavu Pillai
took to sannyasa and reached Madras. He then went to Kasi
in the year 1902 and meditated on Visalakshi and Viswanatha.  He returned to Madras and after visiting Chidambaram he decided to stay only in Madras.  He wrote the famous
Sri Kumarastavam in 1915.  But as per the call of Arunachaleswara, he went to Tiruvannamalai and from there he went to Bangalore.  He attained Maha Samadhi on 30.5.1929, in
Tiruvanmiyur, on the outskirts of today's Chennai. His
Samadhi is said to be in Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai.

His various songs have been classified into six books.

Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Pampan Sri Kumara Gurudasa Swamigal
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2009, 08:26:41 AM »
Dear Subramaniyan ji

I am very fortunate to live very near to Pamban swamigal temple. Lord Muruga gave darshan to swamigal when His legs got fractured when he was walking on the road thampuchetti road. He was admitted in Rayapettai hospital. Lying on bed He started singing on Muruga. At the time two peacocks came and sat on the window in his bed room. And started dancing. That time He could see a small child was lying beside Him. He felf some light fell on his ankle which got fractured.
After this incident doctors came and found there is no sign of fracture. They realised His power. Till to day that room was kept clean. People go without shoes.
This incident became a festival now. Even in Pambu panchangam it is written MYURA SEVAI. Devotees are coming in thousand to the temple. His body was kept in the temple. And they built like chidambaram top portion. No archana only pradhakshnam. But there is a small Murugan sannathi there where regular pujas are being done. On full moon day, lots and lots of people come and stay over night. people say if you come 3 full moon day, your wishes will be fullfilled. I stayed once. Swamigal wrote more than 4000 poems. Still His songs are being talked among ILLAKIYAVADHIGAL. They say it is very difficult to understand the meaning for some of his poems. During the world tamil conference they give lectures on His poems. In every sivalaya in chennai we can see His kumarastham.
He did miracles after His samadhi. His accident took place in 1923 december 27.
His shanmukakavacam is very famous one. Whenever Swamigal got problem He used sing this Shankukakavacam. During 1946, Shanmukam pillai who was working
in Begalore government office got found some punishment where He did not do any mistake. One of his friends Mr. S.M.Shanmukam pillai who was working in
chennai telegraph office, told to chant Swamigal's Shanmuka kavacham. So in Begalore he started chanting. Onthat day in court, he was announced that he is
not guilty. But Shanmukam was standing in the counter and chanting this kavacham. At that time his chennai friend came and brought him out of the court andtold you are free now. The case was withdrawn because you are guilty. Shanmukam felt free and told him thank you/ But his friend was that time in chennai
only where he never left chennai. So Swamigal came in disguise as his friend,. Now also people get many experiences.
Thanks to Swamigal. He made me to write His story to this forum. ELLA PUGAZHUM ERRIVANUKE/



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Re: Pampan Sri Kumara Gurudasa Swamigal
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2009, 11:48:43 AM »
Dear Ramanaduli,

Thanks for more information about Pampan Swamigal.
He was a great Siddha, who had vision of Muruga on many
occasions.  His Kumara Stavam is quite famous.  His Pahi
Kadithal, Shanmuga Kavacham are also nice.  His Paripoona
Panchamirtam, is quite tough to read and tougher to sing!
Someone has sung it in Bangalore, and my wife who attends
Bhajans is learning it.  The song when properly sung, is
ecstatic!  I learnt the meanings through another book.  The
meaning for the five songs are also quite interesting.  There
is one song, where every god is dancing with Murugan.  I shall
try to give the meaning of this particular song shortly.
You need a very large canvas, like the Last Supper of Lenoardo
Da Vinci, to picturise the various gods who are dancing.

Arunachala Siva.