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Na Karmanaa.... 6
« on: May 28, 2009, 11:51:02 AM »
Verse 18 of Maha Naryayana Valli, Section 12, starts as:

Yo Vedhadhou svara prokto vedhante cha prathishtitha.....

The English translation reads as under:

He is the Supreme Lord who transcends the syllable
AUM which is uttered at the commencement of the recital
of the Vedas which is well established in the Upanishads
and which is dissolved in the primal cause during contemplation.

The Vedas start with AUM.  The primordial sound of
Saptabrahman.  It ends with that.  So is the beginning
of the universe and its dissolution.  This is the Nada
or intangible reverberation which continues for ever when
the three syllables of Pranava are uttered in succession
and their physical sound has subsided. 

The Bhatta Bhaskara  commentary says that this Primal Being
or Brahman is Maheswara.  He is also Alpasvara, the small
sound or nada.  Bhagavan Ramana also in His Tamil translation says it is Parameswara or Primordial Being.

By meditating on AUM, the grosser principle is refunded
to its subtle cause.  So also Virat is dissolved in Hiranyagarbha and Hiranyagarbha in Prakriti.

See also Srimad Bhagavatam, XII.6.37-44.

It is the substance in Vedas and also in Vedantas. 

Bhagavan Ramana also says in Verse 99 of Arunachala
Akshara Mana Malai:

Vedantatte VeRaRa viLangum
Vedap poruL aruL Arunachala!

Grant me the essence of the Vedas, which shine in the
Vedanta, one without a second, Oh Arunachala!

This idea is also indicated in Sri Ramana Gita, Ch.II.2,
which is Bhagavan's own Sanskrit verse:

In the inmost core, the Heart,
Shines as Brahman alone,
As "I-I", the Self aware.
Enter deep into the Heart
By search for Self, or diving deep,
With breath under check,
Thus abide ever in Atman.

[All translations of Maha Narayana Valli verses, from
the book of Swami Vimalananda, SRK Math, Chennai.4]


Arunachala Siva.