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Na Karamanaa..... - 4
« on: May 28, 2009, 11:09:38 AM »
Verse 17 of Section 12 of Maha Narayana Upanishad,

Dahram vipapam parmesma bhootam yat pundarikam.....

The English reading is as under:

In the citadel of the body, there is the small sinless
and pure lotus of the "heart" which is the residence
of the Supreme.  Further in the interior of this small
area, there is the sorrowless Ether.  That is to be meditated
upon endlessly.

The Hindus mostly worship God in a temple or home altar.
The Hindus also worship Nature.  Greater importance,
however is attached to the worship of the Divine in the

This is the central idea of Bhagavan Ramana's self-enquiry.
He has said "Meditate on the Self that is in the Heart."
This Heart is different from the blood-pumping organic
heart.  Ancient scriptures have said it only tacitly.  It
is Bhagavan Ramana who made it clear saying that this
Heart is in the chest to the right of midchest. Chandogya
Upanishad [which we have already seen in some posts
on Chandogya Up.] Chapter III, VII and VIII. 

Bhagavan Ramana's description of the heart as an inverted
lotus is in Sad Darsanam, Supplement.

The verse is the shorter version adopted by Sayana and
Bhagavan Ramana also uses the same verse.

Bhagavan Ramana's Sad Darsanam, Supplement describes
it as follows:

Verse 18 of SD-Supplement:-

Between the two paps, below the chest, above the
stomach, there are six organs of various colours.  Of these,
one, looking like a lily bud, is the Heart, at two digits'
distance to the right of the centre.

Verse 19 of SD-Supplement:-

Its mouth is closed.  Within its cavity is seated a heavy
darkness, filled with all desires;  all the great nerves are
centred there; the home of it is of breath, mind, light
of knowledge.

Verse 20 of SD-Supplement:-

The Lord whose home is the interior the Heart-Lotus
is extolled as Lord of the Cave.  If by force of practice
the feeling " I am He, I am the Lord of the Cave" becomes
firmly established, as firmly as your present notion that
you are the ego is established in the body, and thus you
stand forth as the Lord of the Cave, the illusion that you
are the perishable body will vanish like darkness before
the rising sun.

[Bhagavan Ramana uses the word Guhesa, the Lord
of the Cave, which is the term used normally for Skanda.]

Verse 21 of the SD-Supplement:-

When Rama asked, "Which is the great mirror in which
we see these images of things?  What is that is called
the heart of all the beings in the world?"  Vasishta answered, "When we reflect we see that all the beings in the world
have two different Hearts."

[This two different hearts description is mentioned in
Yoga Vasishtam as Vasishta's upadesa to Rama. Bhagavan
has adopted this YV verse in His SD-Supplement, even
though this was also His own experience.]

to be contd.

Arunachala Siva.