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The Life of Indra
« on: May 26, 2009, 12:34:57 PM »
We have seen about the little girl child of G.V. Subbramaiah,
who said "I am remaining Summa" and flabbergasted everyone.
During the same trip, one day Indra took out a Sanskrit book
and was seeing it. She only understands Telugu.  So she
went to Bhagavan Ramana, with a line shown by her from the
book and asked what it was.  It read:

Deham Naham Koham Soham.

Bhagavan Ramana called her near and read out the line
and started explaining.  Deham Naham.  "Amma! You are
wearing the skirt.  Is it You?  You are wearing nice golden
bangles.  Is it You?  The child said:  No, they are not I.
They are only mine.  Bhagavan further said: Amma! Like
these, even this body is not You.  It may be your for some
time.  Then, Koham, Who am I?  Soham, I am Siva.  Sa-
aham, I am the Heart!  The child was very seriously listening
to Bhagavan Ramana's words.  She repeated the words and
Bhagavan Ramana told her to remember this line always.

Viswanatha Swami, who was listening to all these curious
exchanges between Indra and Bhagavan Ramana, asked Him:
"What can she understand?"  Bhagavan Ramana replied
Viswanatha Swami:  "Oh!  Is is known only by understanding? 
You have understood everything.  Have you known It?" 
Viswanatha Swami kept mum.

On the day of leaving, Indra said to Bhagavan:  "Thatha!
I shall always say this and remember this.  Deham Naham,
Koham, Soham."  Bhagavan Ramana said:  "That is good,
that is sufficient."  The girl and her father left for Andhra.

In two months, Indra took seriously ill and saying Deham
Naham, Koham, Soham, she left the body and merged with
Pure Space!  G.V.S. constructed a small samadhi for her
at the backyard of his house.       

Many cannot see Him
Only some can see Him
A few are called
And a fewer are chosen.

Arunachala Siva.