Author Topic: Siva Manasa Puja of a different kind - 1  (Read 1823 times)


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Siva Manasa Puja of a different kind - 1
« on: May 23, 2009, 11:17:22 AM »
Like Sankara, many devotees of Siva also did Siva puja
but somewhat differently, though totally not through mind
picture.  They did pujas of a very rare type but their devotion
and conviction were high that earned them liberation.  Ribhu
Gita says:  "Do not merely think you are Brahman, but think
with conviction, bhavana."  This is what they all did.

Hunter Kannappa is a classical case.  He was unlettered
hunting animals in the jungle near Kalahasti.  But Sekkizhar
says that he had attained enough spiritual knowledge in his
previous birth and the knowledge was deep in his mind.  He
found a Siva Linga, Kudumi Thevar or Kalahastisvarar in a
dilapidated temple one day.  Immediately, devotion sprang up from within, and he found that Siva was lying here uncared,
without proper bathing, food and adornment with flowers.
He came down from the temple, took roasted pigflesh, wild
flowers and mouthful of water.  The pigflesh was on one hand, the bow and arrow in another, flowers on his tuft of hair and water in his mouth.  He did puja.  He did like this for five days.  Sivakosari, a brahmin priest, who used to come early morning for a simple puja to Siva, became aghast about the sacrilege, with meat lying here and there.  Siva said, "Please hide yourself behind me and watch today.  It is all done by my bhakta Kannappa." 

On the sixth day, Kannappa came and did the puja.  He suddenly found blood gushing forth from Siva's left eye.  He gauged his eye and applied it.  Tooth for tooth and eye for eye principle!  The blood stopped. But soon the blood started oozing out from Siva's right eye.  Now what will he do?  Here lies the acid test.  How can he give his other eye?  Even after gauging the eye from the socket, how to place it on Siva's face, after becoming blind?  So he placed his sandal wearing foot on Siva and was about to gauge his remaining eye. Siva said: "Stop Kannappa! Stop Kannappa! Stop Kannappa!"  He said three times, because now God is anxious about the devotee.  He gave him His abode!  Thus Kannappa got liberation in six days.

Saint Ramalingaswamigal says about three people.

VaLal magavu arinthu oota vallen, allen.
Madhu uraitha sooLal iLaimai thurakka vallen, allen,
Nalinrandu NaLil kan puthiathu kodukka vallen, allen....

The first is about Siruthondar.  He cut his son's body and
fed Siva, who came as a flesh eating bairagi.  I cannot
cut my son and give you as bhiksha. 

The second is Tiruneela Kantar, the potter.  Just because, his wife told him, In the name of Siva, do not touch me, [she felt that her husband went to a harlot and became impure].  The devotee did not touch his wife thereafter and the couple lost all their youth over the years.  They were continuing Siva mediation only.  In their old age, Siva comes and gives them liberation.

The third is Kannappa, who attained mukti in 4 + 2 days, by giving his eye to Siva.

Devotion with conviction is the key.

Arunachala Siva.