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Siva Manasa Puja - 5
« on: May 22, 2009, 02:26:26 PM »
Sankara continues....

Chatram chamraoryugam, vyajakananjadharsakam, nirmalam....

Sankara takes his little boy to the house-garden outside.
He again places a nice golden seat.  He spreads a pure
white umbrella, laced with gold border [Venkotra Kodai
in Tamil, it is white in colour, see Arunachala Stuti Panchakam
verses.] as a shade for Him.  He then moves the fan, chamaram,
for good breeze.  The atmosphere is absolutely tranquil, pleasant and pure and serene, [and with no external sounds except perhaps the chirping of the cuckoo].

Then starts the music   

Veena bheri mrudhanga kohala kala, geethancha nrutyam thatha...

Veena, bheri, [drum], and mrudangam [the percussion instrument of modern days], are then played in soft tones,
and all entertainment, pleasing to the ears, a lot of fun
and festivity!  Then the vocal music starts....  Let us imagine
someone like Ramanjali group or the Ramanasramam group
are singing, Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai and four songs
of the Arunachala Stuti Panchakam.

"Nokkiye karudhi mey thakkiye pakkuvam
akki nee andu aruL,  Arunachala!"  [Verse 63].

"You gazed me, then considered me as worthy and then
attacked me and pushed out the ego from me.  You thus
cooked me nicely, O Arunachala!"

Or Arunachala Stuti Panchakam,

Seerana sonagiri sirakka vazhum
Chit swarupanam iRaiye siRiyanen than
Perana phizhai ellam poRuthu kathup,
Pinnum ivanum pazhithanil veezha vannam,
Karana karunai vizhi koduppai inRel,
Katum bhavathininRu karai eRa maatten,
Ner anadhu undo thai sisuvukku aRRum,
Nigaratra nanalanukku nigazthuvaye.

                                           - Navamani Malai Verse 5.

O the Lord of Sonagiri, who lives there with all glory,
Chit Swarupa, O God, this lowly fellow's,
Great sins and omissions -- all these please put up with and save,
Without faliing into the great wasteland of births.
You gaze me with your dark merciful euyes, as otherwise,
I shall not cross this great ocean of births and deaths.
What can equal a mercy that is equal to Mother's grace?
You confer that immense mercy upon me and save!

Or let us say, Manikkavachagar's Tiruvachakam, Sivapuranam.

Nama sivaya vazhga, nathan thaaL vazhga....

Long live Namasivaya, long live His golden feet.....

Or, Adaikala Pathu in Tiruvachakam, (Decad of Surrender).

"Mavadu vahiranna kaNNi bhanga,
Nin malaradike kooviduvai kumbikke iduvai,
Nin KuRippu aRiyen, pavidai adu kuzhal pol,
Kidanthu paranthathu ULLam,
Ah, keduen udaiyai ennai thangi koLLe!"

O Siva the consort of the woman with eyes like split baby mangoes!
You call me to your lotus feet, or place in hell,
I do not know your mind, I am tossing like,
The shuttle that runs hither and thither in a weaver's machine,
Ah!  I am lost, lest you, my Master, please hold me!         

After such melodious songs, Sankara makes little boys and
girls to give some dance dramas!  Say, nice episodes from
TiruviLaiyadal Puranam, the holy plays of Siva, or Periya
Puranam, the stories of 63 Siva Saints.  The children dance
and the little boy is quite happy and is clapping his hands!

Sashtangam, pranathi stutir, bahuvidha hyedath, samastam maya,
Sankalpene samarpitham thava vibho!, poojam gruhana prabho!

Sankara prays then, [here comes bhakti marga and sarangati.]

I am prostrating by touching all my eight limbs on the ground,
I am praying, I am praising, after a variety of worships,
completing all, in print-like clarity, [in Kannada they say,

[But how]

By mere mind-picture, I am submitting all these.  O
Yogiswara, the Lord of all the penances!  Please accept
my puja in the Heart Cave of my home!
Nobody can beat Sankara in the lucidity and content
in their verses.

Then comes a quantum jump to pure Advaita.....

to be contd.

Arunachala Siva.