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Siva Manasa Puja - 4
« on: May 22, 2009, 01:25:44 PM »
In the previous post, Daya Nidhe, should translate as
"Treasure of Mercy."

Sankara then offers a nice feast to the little boy.

Sowarne navaratna khanda rachite patre grudham payasam...

He spreads nice bowls and plates of gold, embedded with 
nine types of precious gems, diamonds, rubies, blue sapphires,
green sapphires, gomedhaha, vaidurya, pearls, red corals, and
yellow pushpa raga, each with a different colour.  Then he
starts with Payasam. sweet porridge.

What sort of Payasam.  It could be bengal gram and jaggery,
with green gram and descicated coconuts.  Nicely laced
with ghee-fried cashew nuts and dry grapes, and cordamom
powder.  It is like Sri Ramanasramam Payasam, that is being
served during lunch!  For which Vishnu, Brahma and Indra
might be standing in the lunch queue in cognito!

Pakshyam panchavitam, bayo dadhiutam, ramba phalam

Paksyam panchavitam.... Five types of tasty food items.
Sweet, alkaline, pungent, savoury, and salty, excepting
that of taste like betel nut powder!   How much can our imagination run riot about this feast?

First well-steamed Nellore rice.  On top of this silvery hill
of rice, will be the gold capped, cooked thoor dhal.  Then
a spoon of ghee, with mouth watering smell.  Then comes
the 'sambhar'.  Either it could be drum stick sambar, or
onion sambhar, or white pumpkin sambhar, or ripe mango
fruit slice sambhar. [I tasted this for the for the first time
in Sri Ramanasramam].  Then follows rice vegetable curries.
Bangalore Brinjals, or ladies-finger curry, or potato-onion
mixed curry with Guntur khara.  Then the great Ramanasramam aviyal, mixed vegetable preparation with curd.  Then the
famous Morkuzhambu (Tamil) or Majjike huli (Kannada).
One large Tiruchuzhi double-papad, plantain chips.  Then
comes the Rasam, for which devas will be waiting!  Transparent but hot rasam, with swimming tomatoes.  Lastly the butter milk, neither curdy nor alkaline, but pure white butter milk sprinkled with curry leaves!  Nice lime or baby mango pickles.

Thus the delicious feast for Siva is complete, barring a few
post lunch items.     

My wife always starts teasing me whenever we go to Tiruvannamalai.  She says, I am going only for the good food
that is available for three days.  The food, I agree, I have not
tasted after my mother's death.  She was the master of cooking a typical Thanjavurian housewife, who knows a thousand items
of food and snacks.  For Gokulashtami, she used to prepare sweets and savouries in twelve different ways.  For Ganesa
Chaturthi, she will prepare four types of modhakams.  My sisters are a poor reflection of her.  My wife, comes nowhere near my mother.  I am able to take such a divine food only in Sri

My wife used to sing during Tiruvannamalai visits:

Ramana darsanam,
Asrarma bhojanam,
Atma Vicharam,
Ananda sayanam!

How true it is.

Sankara does not stop with this.  The little boy is already
belching.  He gives Him, a cup of milk and a cup of curds too.
Then comes the ramba phalam panakam.  Ramba phalam
is the violet fruit which we offer to Ganesa during Ganesa
Chaturti.  It has got a large seed inside.  A panagam of ramba
phalam is then given.

Now the little boy asks for water.  Sankara gives:

shakanamayutham  jalam ruchi karam karpura kandojvalam.

Cool, thirst quenching, sweet water, where powdered
pachaikarupara, crystalline camphor-like tasty powder,
which gives good smell and taste to water!

Tambulam manasa maya virachitam bhaktya prabo sweekuru....

Sankara gives nice betel leaves, betel nuts mixed with chunam, tambulam.  [ Do not ask why Siva who is portrayed as a small
boy should be given tambulam?  It is only to complete the formalities of puja.]

 I am giving all these in my mind, O Lord of the
Devotees, please accept and grace me!   

Siva must be delighted at this feast.  He is a beggar, who
goes for alms everyday.  His begging bowl is a fearsome
brahmakabala.  He is naked most of the times.  He is also
wearing serpents.  How many housewives give Him food,
leave alone a good feast?  Sankara, the Mother fulfills the
long expected desire of Siva.  See, His fate.  He is the husband of Annapurani, the Mother who feeds cooked rice every day in Kasi to thousands of devotees.  Saint Abhirami Bhattar says in Abhirami Andati, "She got only two measures of paddy from
Siva.  But She feeds day in and day out, with those two measure of grains, endlessly, in Kanchipuram to devotees who come
to Her and thus protects 32 dharmas that are fixed for householders!"

After a good stomach full of lunch, do you think the little
boy is allowed to sleep?  No.  Anyway the boy need not study
school lessons, for He is the God of all schools and philosophies.  But He must be given some entertainments, post lunch!
Sankara proceeds further......

to be contd.

Arunachala Siva.