Author Topic: Siva Manasa Puja - 2  (Read 2231 times)


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Siva Manasa Puja - 2
« on: May 22, 2009, 12:03:59 PM »
Sankara continues....

...... snananja divyambaram.

After bath and drying up the hairs and body, Sankara
gives the little boy, godly attire, say a white silky waist
cloth, veshti, and a silk upper cloth.

Why all this to Siva?  Because he is naked for most of the
time, sometime wears a kaupinam, [ see Tiru Chazhal of
Manikkavachagar in Tiruvachakam].  After the fight
in Daruka  Forest with those karma marga sages, he
started wearing a tiger's skin as waist cloth and an
elephant's skin as an upper cloth. These two animals,
he killed when sages produced them with abhichara mantras.

For a change, Sankara gives him a nice white silk dhoti and a silk uppercloth.

Nana ratna vibhushitam, mruga madha modhankitam chantanam...... 

Nana ratna vibhushitam.....

This guy never wears any ornaments, unlike Vishnu who
is an alankara-priya.  If at all he wears, it is skull garlands,
smelling of flesh, after clipping of Brahma's head, and
huge ferocious serpents.  So Sankara gives him many
gold ornaments studded with various precious gems.
He gives him thodu [ stud, that is worn by women] on the left ear], kuhai [stud that is worn by men], on the right ear!
Because he is ardha-nari, he is adorned like this.  Then comes
the Rudraksha mala covered with gold socket, a couple of
necklaces of gold and precious stones also for the neck.   
Then Sankara gives shoulder bangles made of gold to be on
his shoulders, and wrist bangles for the wrist and nice rings
for some fingers.  A nice golden belt, with precious stones,
for the waist.  This is called Arai pattai in Malayalam and
Odyanam in Tamil.  Then nice golden anklets for the legs.

mrugamada modhankitam chantanam....

Now this boy is further made up with perfumes.  Kasturi,
civet deer's musk, and nice sandal paste!  Because this
fellow is always smelling of the burnt flesh of cremation
grounds!  He is also having vibhuti all over his body.  The
flesh in Brahma kabla is also smelling.  Hence Sankara gives
him a nice make up with kasturi, civet deer's musk, and nice
sandal paste.....

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.