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Siva manasa Puja - 1
« on: May 22, 2009, 11:42:49 AM »
During the last two days, I mentioned about Puranadara
Dasa who said that it needs 6 balas to do a puja and why
waste time on acquiring them, and then, about Saint
Manikkavachagar who said that only a body at best is
needed to do puja for Siva.

Last evening I was thinking about Siva Manasa Puja,
a beautiful poem of Sankara, which describes Siva Puja,
as a mind picture.  It is one of the poems of Sankara which
I like and keep it for my daily recitation.  Nothing can
surpass its beauty and content.

Sankara is an ascetic and a brahma jnani.  Among the
6 strengths needed for puja, he definitely did not have
dana bala, wealth, samskara bala, because he was a
sannyasi and he had not samskaras for daily puja, and
thirdly he had not samsara bala, no wife to bring in
sandal paste, camphor, flowers and fruits for him to do
the puja.  Therefore he starts a mind picture of Puja for

Here he includes not only mere puja but also bathing and
feeding and entertainment for Siva!   Since he is including
bathing, we should imagine that here Siva is a kid, say,
a five year old boy, someone like Chandrasekhara Virupaksha
whose sacred thread ceremony function I could participate
in Sri Ramanasramam, in April 2008.  In fact, we have to
do a lot of presumptive imagination in various places of
the poem!

The poem starts:

Ratnai kalpitam asanam, himajalai snanaja divyambaram...

Ratnai kalpitam asanam....

Sankara keeps a seat for bathing Siva.  The seat is golden
generously studded with rubies, blue sapphires, diamonds,
green sapphires and pearls and corals!

hima jalai......

Sankara bathes the little boy, the cute little father of
Tiruvannamalai temple, [the Linga is hardly two feet tall],
with cool icy waters of Himachal.  Why icy waters of Himachala?
Why not warm water?  Why not hot water?  Because, he is
in the form of fiery effulgence, Siva Kozhundu, as they call
in Saiva Siddhantam.  So hot water or warm water will harm
him!  Better to use icy cool waters of Himachal.

One can even further imagine here, that Sankara is using
soap-nut powder, with herbal medicines, sandal and golden
spangles!  Saint Manikkavachagar says Tiru Por Chunnam, the
golden spangle mixed herbal powder in Tiruvachakam!  After
a nice bath with these herbal powders and icy cool water,
what happens next?

to be contd.

Arunachala Siva.