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Six types of strength, bala.
« on: May 21, 2009, 01:22:52 PM »
Last evening one discourser said that anyone needs six
strengths or balas to perform the correct pujas. 

The first is deha-bala, the strength of the body.  A person
having problems in knee, legs, back cannot sit for, say,
two hours, to do a Siva Puja or Lakshmi puja.  He becomes
restless with pain and has to get up.

The second is dana-bala, the strength of money.  He should
have enough money to purchase a good quantity of jasmine,
lotuses, roses, bhilva and tulsi, sandal paste, camphor, ghee for lamps, nice tasty food for offering to god.  A pauper cannot
do all these.

The third is samskara-bala.  He should have good lineage,
good parentage, particular family practices, to do a particular puja. I cannot go to mosque and peform namaz five times
a day. A Sri Vaishnavite is not allowed to do Siva puja and
a Saivite, Lakshmi puja elaborately at home.

The fourth is Vidya-bala.  He should know the 1008 names
of god, and pronounce them correctly.  He should know
details of poorvanga puja, kara nyasa, mudras, etc.,  It
is not always possible.

The fifth is samsara-bala.  He should have an understanding wife or a son or a daughter, to assist such practices.

The sixth is Jnana-bala.  Even one does the puja, unless
he knows the purport of the puja and the inner meaning
of mantras and rituals, he will not benefit from them in
most of the cases, even though mantras, when correctly
pronounced, produce results like Gayatri mantra.

That is why Krishna says, one flower, one fruit, one leaf,
or some water will be adequate when done with true
bhavana and concentration.  Bhagavan Ramana says,
Atma Nishta is the best devotion to god.

Arunachala Siva.