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Siva Jnana Bodham - 7
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Verse 11:-

Since, like the soul which shows things to the eyes, with
the power of vision and thereby, itself too see things, the
Primeval Being, likewise, stands united with the soul, and
showing the objects to the soul and making it to see them, Himself too sees them (in the process).  The soul with un-
swerving love will reach the feet of Haran, Siva.

[The soul, which sees the wordly objects, with relentless
love to Siva, will reach Siva's feet. Saiva Siddhanta speaks
about four types of liberation.  The first is Salokam, staying
in the same abode of Siva, i.e. Kailas.  The second is Saameepam, being very close to Siva.  The third is Saaroopam,
having the same form as Siva, and having all powers excepting
creation.  And fourthly Saayujyam, merging with Siva as
One without second.  The 63 Saints of Periya Puranam had
these different types of liberation.  Tiru Jnana Sambandhar
merged with Siva, in Tiru Nalloor, after his wedding, Sayujyam.  Several saints were taken by Siva-Uma to their Abode, that is Kailas, Saalokam. Devotees like Chandeeswara, went to His close proximity, as His servant, Saameepam.   Sundaramoorthy Nayanar, went to Kailas and took the form of Siva, Saaroopam.  Saint Manikkavachagar also merged with Siva effulgence in

Verse 12:-

Through the help of Jnana,, get rid of that Anava, the ego,
the last one to go, which prevents you from uniting with
the lovely blosssom-like yet strong feet of Siva.  Fraternize
with the devotees of Siva, who have apprehended the Godhead.  Worship the guise of those who, to the detriment of delusion, are filled with Jneyam, i.e Known, and the temple too verily
as Haran, Siva Himself.

[This final verse describes the four ways.  First is Sariya,
that is doing physical work for Siva, in his temple, and his
devotees.  Cleaning up the temple premises, bringing water
for abulations, bringing flowers, milk, honey, sandal paste,
tender coconut, vastram, etc.,  The second is Kriya, praying to Siva with mantras and prayers and worshipping his devotees also.  The third is Yoga, raising the kundalini through Raja
Yoga and bringing the merger of Sakti and Siva in the sahasara.  The fourth is Jnanam, the path of self enquiry and merging with Siva within.]

Tirumoolar says in Tirumandiram:

Myself I did not know all this while,
myself when I had come to know,
I knew nothing apart from myself,
On my knowing my self
and on abiding in that knowledge,
the Lord, without abandoning me,
even for as much as it takes to wink,
He conducts an enquiry on me through me.

(Source: Verse translations, Periya Puranam, G.
Vankmika Nathan.)

Arunachala Siva.