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Siva Jnana Bodham - 6
« on: May 19, 2009, 12:20:49 PM »
Verse 9:-

Seek through Jnana, the Godhead, which cannot be realized
by imperfect worldly knowledge.  Eschew the world and the
attachment thereto verily as fallacious, as the illusion of an
unreachable speeding chariot seen in a mirage.  Then you
will have the benign vision of the Lord.

[ The attachments, according to Saiva Siddhanta, are
anavam,[ ego ] kanmam, [karmam] and maya.  The
attachments to the world objects mainly comprise of
dhanam, [wealth], dharam [wife] and putram [offspring].
They call them as three headed cobra.  Vivekachoodamani
also calls it as three headed cobra.  In order to gain that
vision of Siva, one has to constantly chant the mantra,
the fivelettered  Na-ma-si-va-ya.  This is called Sthula
Panchaksharam.  Si-va-ya-na-ma, is called Sukshma
Panchaksharam,   Siva-Siva, is called Twin Headed Ruby.
Siva-ya-siva, is called Treasured Ruby, the letter 'ya'
denoting Mother Unnamulai.  'Si' is called Nayotti Mantram,
the mantram to drive out the dog (!), since we say 'Si' to
drive out the approaching dog. This is explained in Tirumoolar's
Tirumandiram.  Saint Manikkavachagar also sings in Kovil
Mootha Tirupadigam, the Elder Decad on Kovil,Tiruvachakam, "Uma, your wife is within you; You are within Uma;  Both of you are within me! O Lord of the Golden Dancing Hall, Please grace
me to understand You, with Your grace."]

Verse 10:-

Let the soul, becoming one with Him, by the method of Him,
verily becoming It, [the soul], stand established in the
service of the Lord.  Then there will be no longer any malam,
impurities of anavam, kanmam, and maya.

[Only by chanting Siva's names constantly, the impurities
will be washed away, and there will be Chitta suddhi, for
seeker to realize Him within.]

(Source: Only Verse translations, Periya Puranam, G.
Vankmika Nathan.)

Arunachala Siva.