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Siva Jnana Bodham - 5
« on: May 19, 2009, 11:41:34 AM »
Verse 7:-

Since all worldly objects will become naught before Reality,
Reality cannot know unreality, the world and its objects.
The unreality has no wisdom, Jnanam, and therefore it
cannot know Reality.  The soul which is neither real nor
unreal, and is real-unreal, has two kinds of wisdom.  One
for knowing the worldly objects, through the medium of
sense organs, and another for knowing Reality, on being
suitably instructed by a Guru.

[ Bhagavan Ramana also says in Who am I?: "When
world appears, Swarupam does not appear.  When the
Swarupam shines, the world does not appar.  They are
like serpent and the rope.  The world appears due to
thoughts only.  When there are no thoughts, the world
disappears and there is Ananda.  When the world appears
due to thoughts, there is only dhukka.  Saiva Siddhanta
talks about the twin knowledge.  Advaita says that the
twin knowledge do not appear together.]

Verse 8:-

On the Primal Being coming as Guru, as a result of penance,
performed by the soul in the past, and making the soul aware
that it has forgotten its real self, due to being brought up in
the company of five senses, it will leave them and having
no other refuge, will go towards the feet of Hara, Siva.

[ Saiva Siddhanta says that only Siva appears as Guru,
outside while He is there always inside.  Even Guru's
arrival at the scene at the appropriate time depends upon
the merits of the past birth of a seeker.  Bhagavan Ramana
has also said that the outside Guru will appear and push you
inside to the Brahman or the Self, and the Self will pull you
from outside to It.  In Bhagavan Ramana's case, Arunachala, itself is the Guru.  "You have severed my mistakes and shine
as Guru, taking only my merits,  O Arunachala!" [Akshara
Mana Malai].  Saint Manikkavachagar says that "I am able
to prostrate to Him only due to His Grace..." Sivapuranam.]

(Source: Verse translations only, Periya Puranam, G. Vankmika

Arunachala Siva.