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Siva Jnana Bodham - 4
« on: May 18, 2009, 01:22:15 PM »
Verse 5:-

Though the five sense organs of the body, each according
to its capacity, perceives and comes to know the objects
of the world, through the senses, by the help of the afore-
said soul, yet they cannot know the soul.  Like wise,
the soul cannot by its powers of perception know the grace
of unique One who actuates it.  The five sense organs in the
presence of the soul and correspondingly the soul in the
presence of the Primal Being, are merely like iron filings
before a magnet.

[ Here one can observe that Saiva Siddhanta introduces only
an additional stage between Brahman and the mind-body
complex.  This mid stage called 'soul' or 'individual soul'
is termed as Chittruyir in Tamil.  This word Chittruyir is
also used by Muruganar in his work, where of course, he
mentions it to mean, "this poor devotee" or 'this poor soul".
But this individual soul is very important in Saiva Siddhanta
because, it is this which carrying the last taint of anava
malam.  Even after one seeker has cleaned up his karma and
maya, this anavala malam does not go easily.  Such people,
who are yet to wipe out this anavala malam, of course, goes
to Siva Loka or Kailasa, the Abode of Siva, something similar
to Vaikunta Prapti in Vishistadvaitam.  Such Siva devotees
come back to this earth in a higher birth to work out this
remaining anava mala.  Bhagavan Ramana has said about
Pazhaniswami:  "He could not abide in his Heart.  His mind
and prana left through  his eyes.  Though not liberated, he
will take birth in a higher form of birth to complete the task."]

Verse 6:-

If we say that the abovesaid Primal Being, is something
that can be perceived by the sense organs, It becomes
unreal.  If we say, on the other hand, if we say that It is
something that  cannot be perceived by any means, then
It becomes a non existent thing.  Therefore, without falling
into these two errors, the world of the learned people say,
that in one way, It is something which cannot be perceived
and that in another way, it is something that can be perceived.

[Advaita clearly says that Brahman is experiential.  But
Saiva Siddhanta says it is perceived as well as not perceived.
This is something similar to Arjuna seeing Krishna in Viswarupa, through divine eyesight.  A person, if willed by Siva, can also
'see' Siva.  Tiru Jnana Sambandhar saw the divine couple when
he was three years old and was crying on the banks of a tank
and Siva and Uma appeared before him and Uma gave the child
her breast milk.]   

(Source: only verse translations, Periya Puranam, G.
Vankmika Nathan.)

Arunachala Siva.