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Siva Jnana Bodham - 3
« on: May 18, 2009, 12:54:53 PM »
Verse 3:

Since, one says, "It is not this, not this," since he says
"My body," since there is something which knows things
which may happen [as for example in a dream], when
the five sense organs are dormant, since during deep sleep,
there exists something which, without ingesting the food,
and without action of any kind, since there is something,
which understands when instructed  -- these goes to prove
that there exists a soul in this body.

[This verse is a little tricky.  Saiva aphorism says about
a 'soul' inside the body.  This is called Pasu, literally a cow.
But Advaitis say that this is only a mind-buddhi-ego-mindstuff
-chittam, complex, which does this and not the 'soul'. Because
there are no individual souls and a Super Soul in Advaita.  But
Saiva Siddhanta says that the individual soul is there till it
merges with the Sivam.  It is this, which activates the body
in juxtaposition with anthakaranams, viz., mind, buddhi,
mind stuff, chittam, and ego, ahankaram.]

Verse 4:-

The soul is not one of the anthakaranams, i.e internal
instruments or tools of perception, viz., mind, buddhi,
chittam and ahankaram.   These internal instruments
are distinguished from extenal tools of perception which
are five conative organs and five cognative organs.  But
the soul and the anthakaranams, meet and join forces like
a king and his ministers, since the soul on account of its
taint of anava malam (ignorance) cannot by itself perceive
anything.   Now it has five states, viz., wakeful state,
dream state, deep sleep state, Turiya state of oneness
with Brahman and Turiyateeta state, the state of transcendental

[ Here Saiva Siddhantis say that the individual soul is not
Brahman because it is tainted by ego (ignorance).  But
Advaita says that it is the mind which is tainted by ego,
buddhi, ahankhara etc., Saiva Siddhantis say that this soul
when rid of this ego, becomes one with Brahman.  Advaita
says that one is with Brahman once the mind is destroyed,
and with that the three impurities.  Lastly, Saiva Siddhanta
says one more state, Turiyateeta, where there is enjoyment
of transcendental bliss.  In Advaita, Brahman and its Bliss
are not two different ones.  Hence there is no concept of
Turiyateeta at all.  Bhagavan Ramana says that even Turiya
is a misnomer, because when one seeker gets past the
first three, he attains Brahman and it need not be called a
Fourth or Tuirya.] 
(Source: [only verse translations] from Periya Puranam,
G. Vankmikanathan.)

Arunachala Siva.