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The musings of a Realized person
« on: May 14, 2009, 03:46:45 PM »
He woke up at 8 in the morning, his eyes lids were still heavy ... "Gosh! i still feel sleepy", he thought and then smiled to himself and corrected "the mind is still sleepy". Sitting on the bed he saw for a few moments how as consciousness he could not be touched by the sleepiness of the body. How he as consciousness was a witness of the feeling, but not a part of the feeling.
he observed how if he ignored the feeling of sleepiness, the feeling itself became unimportant.
slowly, getting out of the bed, he looked at the photo of his God, Hanuman. Closed his eyes and did namaskaras to Hanuman as the Consciousness within.

The previous night he wanted to keep the awareness of awareness as he slept ... but the mind forgot it and all through the night he had lot of dreams. With his tea mug, he sat down on his bed and took out the book of Annamalai swami he was reading the day before. The book said: "meditate on yourself as consciousness until it becomes natural" ... he read Annamalai swami's explanations to those that asked him for suggestions and just as he was reading through it, someone took away the book from his hands "you always keep studying, this is my time", his wife remarked ... thoughts of displeasure started to stream in, as he smiled at them, ignored them and smiled back at his wife and continued some mundane discussions.

A little later he noticed that he was getting delayed for his office. his mind started jumping ... and he wondered "Can i speeden this mind and remain still as consciousness" and without forgetting that he is consciousness, he started rushing things... he started doing everything fast ... hurriedly ... and yet within he remained totally still.
and then getting onto his bike he worked his way through the heavy traffic to office ... all the time watching how the scenes along the way are constantly changing .... how everything was moving and dying !

dogs, cattle, girls, women, men , children ... different scenes passes his gaze as he was moving. "Oh God! How many wierd shapes and types i have imagined up! All these are my own imaginations", he wondered. As he was going he saw a thin dog and wondered "Is this there or in my mind ?"

thus started yet another day in the life of a realized person.



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Re: The musings of a Realized person
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Dear Udai,

Nice post! It is believed that Lakshmana had never slept during the entire 14 years of Vanavasam with Sri Rama and Sita. He remained awake when his beloved brother and sister in law slept, he stayed awake to keep an eye on surroundings for the safety of Sri Rama and Sita.

In this 'sadhana' of meditating as consciousness, one difficulty one passes through is that, in the effort to remain the consciousness, when certain situations demand a response or rather a response becomes mandatory, sometimes one does not know what the correct response should be. what should I do now? - kind of situations! This is called Dharmasankatam - either this or that - but which? In such cases, we can just respond either way and just leave it and see what happens eventually as the Consciousness - These are the key situations where the Doer-ship creeps in.

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॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta


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Re: The musings of a Realized person
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Dear Nagaraj,

I remember in this connection what Bhagavan Ramana said:
"A Brahma Jnani's eyes will be like the eyes of a dead goat.
The goat even after it dies, its eyes are not closed.  A very
rare thing indeed.  The eyes will be still appear like looking
something, steady and pointed.  But the goat is dead.  However
a Brahma Jnani will have such eyes, steady, not looking at
anything specifically and absolutely inward looking.  But he
hears all, he does all work, he replies to questions!

Arunachala Siva.