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Practical Sadhana, Which Way Within - 6
« on: May 13, 2009, 01:57:42 PM »
The entry of Devarja Mudaliar, dated 1.12.1945, continues with
the same questioner but on another aspect.

Mr. Prasad again asked whether, for controlling breath, the regular
'pranayama'  is not better in which 1:4:2 proportion for breathing in, retention and breathing out is prescribed.  Bhagavan replied: "All
those proportions, sometimes regulated not by counting but by
uttering " mantras", etc., are aids for controlling the mind.  That is all. Watching the breath is also one way of 'pranayama'.  Retaining breath etc., is more violent and may be harmful in some cases, e.g., where there is no proper Guru to guide the 'sadhak' at every step and stage.
But merely watching the breath is easy and involves no risk."

This method is indeed easy, and can be joined to any form of sadhana, that one is engaged in.  The breath is not controlled but
merely watched with acute attention.  Its movement should at all time remain natural and controllable.  It is helpful at first to centre one's
attention without stress on any area, where the movement of the breath is physically palpable or noticeable.  The attention of the mind
with alert awareness on the movement of the breath satisfies the mind's life-sustaining urge to circulate through movement. 

Thus we watch and pray with calm but steady concentration.  The place of our origin, that forgotten Abode of the Self, is Self-revealing.
Becoming truly still, and calling on God with patient perseverance,
we will enter and experience:

"The Way, the Truth and the Light."

(Source: As indicated in Part 1)


Arunachala Siva.