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The Need for a Guru - 5
« on: May 12, 2009, 01:35:53 PM »
Sri Swami Sadasivananda continues...

We cannot manoeurve and progress towards victory over an enemy
that outnumber us, in such an inimical battlefield, called the human
mind, without soliciting real help.  Without an expereinced guide as
the General of our forces, we may even court a fatal consequence.
By legitimizing and even deifying our ego's habitual heedless
indifference to God, and by labelling its urges as 'inner guru' or
'voice of our Spirit', we inevitably fall into the death trap of pramada.

In the Udyoga Parva of the Mahabharata epic, the blind king Dhritarshtra, who symblizes the blindness of the ego, cynically asks
Sage Sanatsujata:  "What is death?"  The Sage replies:  "Pramada is death!"   [Saint Poet Arungiri Natha uses the word  marana-pramada].  It should be understood that the definitions of Sanskrit words are subject to philosophical intentions, and thus are prey to individual bias.  Therefore disagreement and even argument concerning proper meaning and usage are commonplace.   Neverthelss, the most learned scholars agree that the ancient definition of the word 'pramada' comes from its usage in this scripture.  The word 'mada' means intoxication and when prefixed
by 'pra' it becomes intense intoxication to the degree of madness.

Sage Sanatsujata is indicating the presence of 'pramada' brings about a spiritual death.  Thus, the spiritual madness that at first manifests
as indifference, inattention, and negligence becomes deadly because it is directed towards God.  This is not to be defined as forgetfulness of the Self, unless one admits to a wilful and bellligerent forgetfulness.

The offspring of pramada is 'duragraha', adamant determination to do that which you know you should never do.

The compound spiritual fracture of being indifferent to God and habitually partaking in negative action with utter disregard for the negative cansequences, creates a karmic blood-letting, fatal even to
the strongest constitution.

(Source: As indicated earlier.)

Arunachala Siva.