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Effort and Grace
« on: May 11, 2009, 02:17:31 PM »
Further from the article on Practical Sadhana, MP, Oct Dec 2008:

Bhagavan Ramana's close disciple, Arthur Osborne, clarified the
meaning and tradition of this statement by saying:

"To do this constitutes the effort of which the teachers and
scriptures speak.  The mind has created the obstruction.  The
mind has to remove it.  But merely to recognize this, to recognize,
that is to say, that the ego is (according to the Advaitin or nondualist) an illusory self  or {according to dualist} a creation of the Spirit,
to which it should be totally submissive and passive, is far from
constituting the full effort and therefore, so to speak, the guilt
in not making the effort."  [ Be Still, It is the Wind that sings. 
Arthur Osborne, p.74. Ed. 2000 ].

Though the grace is always there, it is natural and simply human
to pray to Bhagavan for a physical support of grace. We know that
in Bhagavan's physical presence, a glance was enough.  Though
many have come to love Him, there are those who feel 'born out
of time', lacking that heartfelt devotion produced by the Power of
His Presence, even though He assured us that:

"They say that I am dying but I am not going away.  Where could
I go?  I am here."  [Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self Knowledge
by Arthur Osborne, p.222, Ed. 2000].

Through our abhyasa, vichara [enquiry into one's true Nature] and
devotion, we will experience Him and thus know that He is eternally
with us.  He is for all a Jagat Guru who even today for many, through their love of Him, is still a physical support of grace.  He declared that if we 'put His teaching into practice' our qualifying ripeness would
be even His very embrace!  For those of us, whose love for Him is
still ripening we will live with the assurance He gave:

"Mount Kailas is the Abode of Siva but Arunachala is Siva Himself." 

"He saw the sacred hill as the form asssumed by Pure Spirit for the
support of guidance of men.  Now that the physical body of Bhagavan --- the most precious of all supports of Grace  --- has been withdrawn from us, the Hill emits Power and Grace for His devotees even more
than before."  [ Be Still, It is the Wind that sings by Arthur Osborne,
p.78-79, Ed. 2000 ].

(Source:  As indicated above.)

Arunachala Siva.