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Engaging the Enemy with Meditation
« on: May 11, 2009, 01:09:02 PM »
Further from the article on Practical Sadhana, Oct Dec 2008 of MP.

Before the revelation, there must come a confrontation and a
conquering, then finally sublimation through the rising of our
self by our own effort [svadharama].

"One should uplift oneself by one's own Self and not lower oneself.
Truly, it is the Self which is one's frined, and it is the self which is
one's enemy."  (BG 6.5)

Bhagavan Ramana gives us a choice of two means of practice.  He
frequently said: 

"There are two ways.  'Ask yourself Who am I?' or 'Submit and I
will strike down the ego."  [ Be Still, It is the Wind that sings.  Arthur
Osborne, p. 64, Ed. 2000].

For those who have set their hands to the plough of, "Effort, which
is itself yoga," (Guru Ramana S.S. Cohen. p.74 74, Ed. 2006).

It seems safe to assume that both of the means employ similar methods.  Bhagavan Ramana's statements concerning the success
of either path exemplify this. 

A devotee who received diecet instruction for a long period of time from Bhagavan asks:

"Although I have listened to the explanation of the characteristics
of enquiry in such great detail, my mind has not gained even a little
peace.  What is the reason for this?"

Bhagavan replied:  "The reason is the absence of strength or
one-pointedness of the mind."

Devotee:  " What is the reason for the absence of mental strength?"

Bhagavan:  "The means that make one qualified for enquiry are meditation, yoga, etc.,  One should gain proficiency in these through
practice and thus secure a stream of mental modes that are natural
and helpful.  When the mind that has in this manner become ripe,
listens to the present enquiry, it will at once realize its true nature,
which is the Self, and remain in perfect peace, without deviating
from the means for mind-control for some time, peace of mind  can
be obtained eventually."  [Self Enquiry, Vichara Sangraham].

Once a devotee of Bhagavan asked:

Devotee:  "What is the meaning of strength of mind?"

Bhagavan:  "Its ability to concentrate on one thought without
being distracted."

Devotee:  "How is that achieved?"

Bhagavan:  "By practice.  A devotee concentrates on God, a seeker,
follower of the Jnana-marga, seeks the Self.  The practice is equally
difficult for both."  [Talks No. 91, Ed. 2006].

Devotee:  "What ae the steps in practical sadhana?"

Bhagavan:  "They depend on the qualifications and the nature of
the seeker.  If you are doing idol worship, you should go on with it.
It will lead you to concentration.  Get one-pointed, and all will come
out right.  People think that Liberation is far away and should be
sought out.  They are wrong.  It is only knowing (by direct experience) the Self within oneself.  Concentrate and you will
get it.  The mind is the cycle of births and deaths.  Go on practising
and concentration will be as easy ass breathing.  That will be the
crown of your achievement."  [ Reflections on Talks with Sri Ramana
Maharshi, S.S. Cohen. p.134-135, Ed. 2007].

(Source:  As indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.