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The Art of Reflection
« on: May 11, 2009, 12:41:10 PM »
Further from the article on Practical Sadhana, MP, Oct Dec 2008.

The practising aspirant however learns the art of reflection on
"Who am I?"  He allows the mental energy of a purified intellect
to focus and concentrate.  The ego thrives in an individual in the
absence of reflection, which sstate allows the whole world-process
to exist.  If we reflect skilfully and long enough, the obstructing
thoughts of the world will be worn down, our problems will dissolve
and our purified intellect will merge into the experience of our unity
with God, Samadhi.  Bhagavan Ramana assures us of this by saying:

"WE are ever in sushupti (absolute Being in the dreamless deep sleep state).  Becoming aware of it in jagrat (the waking state) is samadhi.  The ajnani (one ignorant of his true Being) cannot remain long in
sushupti because the ego pushes him out of it!  For the jnani (Knower
of the Self), although he has scorched the ego, it continues to rise
again and again due to prarabdha (past life habitual tendencies).
So for both jnani and ajnani the ego springs up, but with this difference. Whereas the jnani enjoys the transcendental experience,
keeping its lakshya (aim, attention resulting in transformation) always fixed on its Source, that of ajnani is completely ignorant of it.
The former is not harmful, being a mere skeleton of its normal self, like a burnt up rope.  By constantly, fixing its attentin on the Source, the Heart, the ego gets dissolved into it like a salt doll which has fallen into the ocean.  (Guru Ramana, S.S. Cohen, page. 56, Ed. 2006)

(Source: As indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.