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Results of Actions
« on: May 11, 2009, 12:27:16 PM »
Further from the article in Practical Sadhana, Oct Dec 2008, MP.

The consequences of indifference, inattention and procrastination
concerning what in the beginning was mrely a bad habit but later
matures into Pramada (defined in Vedantic scriptures as death),
vide BG 2.62-63, is never directed at our own Self, but is only
associated with the temporary body in which it is dwelling.

Our mental processes, do not focus themselves on the central
problem, the revelation of the Truth of our nature.  Our attempts
to settle matters in the external world of Maya literally blind us
to the subtle and real problems of "Who am I?" and this blindness
constitutes our impurity.  [ O Bhagavad Gita?  Let me read it after
my retirement.... ]. The fruitless but nevertheless all-consuming
effort put into attempts to secure happiness from outside world,
compounds our problem.   The neon lights advertising the worldly
happiness initially cause us to postpone our inner search and if we
remain distracted by glamour of the world long enough, we will
completely forget the goal of higher life.  Thus sadly, the result will
be that we succumb to the egotistic self-forgetfulness of God.

The vast majority of people have this externalized intellect in various
degrees, in as much as, they are not interested in the essential problem of "Who am I?".  Inattention to spiritual practice at first
only obscures the Light of God, but by degrees it spawns indifference which results in blindness.

(Source:  As indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.