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Lessons from the Mirror
« on: May 11, 2009, 12:12:04 PM »
We look into the mirror everyday and see who we are - We look into our face, our eyes, hair, etc... for a moment Just walk aside the mirror and what do you see? there is no reflection at all! again walk back towards the mirror and see again your face, eyes, nose, hair, etc... Talk to yourself seeing the mirror, Oh, This is how I look today, my hair seems to be graying, etc... like this so many times a day we talk and think about  the real Self - "My Hair", "My eyes", "My Body", "My skin", etc... Have you ever wondered who is this "MY" is? we keep using this words 'I' and 'My' so many number of times each day and all most in every conversation that we have.

We affirm the real Self each time when we say "My this" or "My that"... but we do it unconsciously. Just try and practice doing these consciously. Next time when you look into the mirror, be aware when you see your reflection and when you think subconsciously - "My Hair is graying", "My eyes are beautiful", "My skin is glowing", "I am looking fat and I need to reduce weight" etc.... what ever it may be. If you are consciously alive, you will be able to see your thoughts. Once you are consciously alive, you will be sure when you say " My Hair" or "My eyes" etc... that I am THAT "MY" alone and not get identified with attributes like Body, Hair, eyes, etc...

Like this, in every moment, we keep affirming the Self without our consciousness. Try and be alive - really Be here and now, when you walk feel the weight of your body and the touch that connects your feet and the Mother Earth - walk graciously with reverence to Mother Earth. When you see, see with reverence that You are seeing Your own glory or the Lord Almighty, when you touch yourself - touch with full awareness. when you scratch your skin when the mosquito bites, do it graciously with utmost care. When you are talking to somebody, talk with great reverence as though you are talking to Sri Ramana Maharshi, When you breathe, breathe consciously. This one thing alone is sufficient - being aware of your each and every breath. breath in completely and slowly and steadily - Give yourself enough air to breath in and breath out slowly acknowledging your true nature. Like this you will always be HERE and NOW. The challenge is to sustain it continually. This is possible when you are consciously alive always and celebrate everything that is happening around you. Feel the Air touching you from the fan or outside and thank Vayu for proving air to you. when you drink water, drink with full awareness - feel the water go into your food pipe and cool your intestine and reach your stomach - You can feel - just be attentive I practice this. when you eat - eat with full awareness - relish the taste of the food and let your tongue enjoy completely - Let the Taste buds really enjoy themselves. Be alive. Eat SLOWLY. Even attending the Nature calls do it with full awareness. What went in is going out. Even when you are typing here in your computer press the buttons in the key board graciously like as if you are massaging your Guru. When you see something see it as if you are seeing the beautiful image of Lord Krishna or your own Ishta Devatha....

This is so Easy - Being alive all moments is so easy and so pleasurable. Try it and you will be happy and also people around you will be happy by your presence. You will be generating so much energy around you - the Energy of Love, Celebration, and Joy!

sustain the knowledge that You are THAT and not who you think you are!

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॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta