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Panilenivadu - 6
« on: May 10, 2009, 01:56:13 PM »
David Godman continues....

[The above dialogue/incident appears in Letters and Recollections
from Sri Ramanasramam, by Smt. Suri Nagamma]

Since Bhagavan Ramana spoke fluent Telugu and Balaram Reddy
and Suri Nagamma were both native Telugu speakers, I think [David
Godman], it is reasonable to assume that this conversation would
have taken place in Telugu.  Bhagavan said, probably in Telugu,
"I have already been dubbed as "panilenivadu" a man having no

I [David Godman] think the Telugu phrase "panilenivadu", with
its connotations of perpetual 'idleness' would have appealed to
Bhagavan and I can see Him using it to test out a new pencil with
a smile on His face. 

However, I don't think that He wrote this phrase very often during
His pen-tests. Sri A.V. Ganesan has reported elsewhere in Moments
Remembered, when Bhagavan was given a new pen or pencil, he
generally initiated it by writing "Arunachala", as the first word.

(Source:  As indicated in Part 1)


Arunachala Siva.