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Panilenivadu - 5
« on: May 10, 2009, 01:43:27 PM »
David Godman continues.....

This phrase "the man who has no work" came up in a story that
was narrated by Suri Nagamma.  She had complained to Bhagavan
that Devaraja Mudaliar was teasing her about being Bhagavan's
"Telugu secretary".

"What am I to do, Bhagavan?  He teases me saying, "Nagamma,
secretary, secretary..."  I requested him several times not to
do so but he ignores my entreaties.  What great work has Bhagavan
got to require a secreatry?"

No sooner had I said it then Mudaliar laughed and said:  "Yes, I
did say so.  It is based on actual facts.  Nagamma is the Telugu
Secretary and Muruganar Tamil Secretary to Bhagavan.  What
is wrong if I say so?"

He left the hall thereafter.  Bhagavan merely laughed and kept quiet.

Taking up the thread on the conversation, Balarama Reddy remarked.
"Bhagavan has no work whatsoever.  Where is the need for secretary?"

"That is exactly what I have been saying.  When Bhagavan has
no work to do, where is the need for two secretaries, Nagamma
and Muruganar?  Whatever little work there is, we are doing it
on our own to satisfy ourselves.  Otherwise, where is no work
worth mentioning?  I have told him several times that if he has
any opinion, to keep it to himself but not give such high sounding
designations.  He however persists.  So I though I should bring the
matter to the notice of Bhagavan hoping it would have the desired
effect on him.  That is all."

Bhagavan laughed and said, "I have already been dubbed as "a man
having no work."

"Yes, That is just is.  This is just like the saying, "A person having
no work has ten people working under him."  I said.

We all had a hearty laugh.  In spite of all that happened, Mudaliar
did not give up calling me secretary.

(Source:  As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.