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Panilenivadu - 1
« on: May 10, 2009, 11:57:41 AM »
This is an abridged version of David Godman's article, "In Praise
of the Lazy ones," that appeared in October-December 2008 issue
of Mountain Path.

Verses 773 and 774 of Guru Vachaka Kovai are grouped together
under a chapter heading entitled "Being Still" or "Remaining
Still". The second of these two verses immediately attracts the
attention because Bhagavan Ramana states quite clearly that
abiding in Swarupa , one's true state, is a state of laziness.

"The method of true and supreme tapas that our Lord Ramana
declares to be worthwhile and which the mind should firmly
hold onto is this, and no more, "Being still."  On the other hand
there are absolutely no thoughts to think, nor any duties to be
contemplated by it."

"Summa irunthiLirum sombal swarupa nilai,
Amma nilai athu thaanaana nilai - semmaN
arun thavathal anri adaiya varuma sombal
Porunthinor puNNiyarap potru.       -  GVK  V. 774

The lazy state wherein you exist motionlessly and shine is
the state of swrupa.  In that supreme state you have become
That.  It cannot be attained except by direct, excellent and rare
tapas [thavam in Tamil].  You should therefore honour those who
are established in that laziness as holy beings. [puNNiyear].

These verses are from a new English translation of Guru Vachaka
Kovai, translated and edited by Dr. Venkatasubramanian, Robert
Butler and David Godman.  [This book is now sold at Sri Ramanasramam.].

The state of the Self is described here, perhaps a little ironically,
as 'lazy' only becausse there is no one left there who can do anything.
It should not be taken as an encouragement to sadhaks to be lazy, it is simply pointing out that this state of spiritual 'laziness' is
inevitable for enlightened beings who have completely lost the "I am
the doer" idea.
(Source: David Godman's article in Mountain Path, as indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.