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Kaupeena Panchakam by Sri Adi Shankaracharya
This is a very short poem with five stanzas written by Shankaracharya which glorifies the life of a Sannyasi. A Sadhu renounces every thing before entering in to Sannyas, and wears only a kaupina aka kaupeena (loin cloth). That too is for the sake of the world.

Vedantha Vakhyeshu Sada ramantho,
Bhikshannamathrena trishtimantha,
Vishokamantha karane charantha,
Kaupeenavantha Khalu bhaghyavantha -1

Who is reveling in the thoughts of Vedantic declarations,
Whom does a meager portion of begged-food satisfy,
Who is walking around without a trace of sorrow
The man with just the loincloth is indeed the lucky one. -1

Moolam tharo kevalam ashrayantha,
Panidhvayam bhokthuma manthrayantha,
Kandhamiva sreemapi kuthsayantha,
Kaupeenavantha Khalu bhaghyavantha -2

Who rests (sleeps) at the roots of a tree,
Taking only two hands-full of food
Who is disregarding wealth as a torn piece of cloth
The man with just the loincloth is indeed the lucky one. -2

Swananda bhava pari thushti mantha,
Sushantha sarvendriya vruthi mantha,
Aharnisam brahma sukhe ramantha,
Kaupeenavantha Khalu bhaghyavantha - 3

Always contented in the joy of ones own self
Who is peaceful by curbing desires his senses
Who is immersed day and night in the bliss of Brahman
The man with just the loincloth is indeed the lucky one. -3

Dehadhi bhavam parivarthayantha,
Swathmana athmanyavalokayantha,
Naantha na Madhyam na bahi smarantha,
Kaupeenavantha Khalu bhaghyavantha - 4

Always witnessing the changes of his own body,
Who is seeing himself as the Self, the changeless,
And who never bothers to think about the end, middle and outside (of the world),
The man with just the loincloth is indeed the lucky one. -4

Brahmaksharam pavanamucharantho,
Brahmahamasmeethi vibhavayantha,
Bhikshashano dikshu paribramayantha,
Kaupeenavantha Khalu bhaghyavantha - 5

Always singing the sacred glory of Brahman, the eternal
Always contemplating that ‘I am Brahman’,
Who is wandering around just on alms obtained,
The man with just the loincloth is indeed the lucky one. -5

॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta


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Re: Kaupina Panchakam - Perfect Stotram to Sri Ramana Maharshi
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Dear Nagaraj,

Yes.  Kaupina Panchakam is a perfect description of Bhagavan
Ramana.  Some of you might be knowing that He was even without
this kaupinam, for some days, when the old one had become tattered and He did not care to find a new one.  He was at that time staying in
Vahana Mantapam, inside Sri Arunachaleswara Temple.  From here
only, He went to Patala Lingam.

Saint Manikkavachagar sings a similar poem.  This comes in Kula
Pathu, (Decad of Heckling with Joy)  in Tiruvachakam, as the first verse.

"Keeping only the alms-bowl and the kaupina as my only possessions,
with melting Heart, I am looking for only one thing, which is my treasure and that is the anklet-wearing feet of Siva.  I am now without any delusion.  This little ego, is bubbling with joy and is dancing within me.  I am seeing the Divine Dance of my Master in

In another composition called Tiru Chazhal (the Holy Fight), verse 2,
in Tiruvachakam, Manikkavachagar says:

One girl:  My Father, My Master, the Lord of All, Iswara, why is He
wearing a tattered kaupina, please tell?

Another girl:  He is the Self.  While all arts and tresures of the universe and the four Vedas and the Space, are the cross-twain,
He is wearing Himself, the Self as kaupina, please see, my girl!

The Self is One without a second.  What Kaupina can the Self wear
excepting the Self?

Arunachala Siva.