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Swami Suresananda - 3
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On another occasion, Vakeel Swami along with Swami Ramananda
Giri, a European sadhu, were living in Tiruvanmiyur beach, near
Madras, leading an austere life practising penance.  They had
constructed a hut on the beach and were living on fruits and tender coconuts.  One day in hot summer, they were feeling both hungry but there was nothing in stock to eat.  The nearest village was two miles away.  Reluctantly both remained hungry.  Soon there was a knock at their door.  A lady carrying a large tiffin box had brought cooked rice meals for both the swamis.  She had come as a result of a dream which had directed her to serve these sadhus.  The lady was none other than Eleanor Noye, an American devotee of Bhagavan Ramana!

The blessings of Amirtananda Yatindra, Bhagavan Ramana's devotee, helped Vakeel Swami to construct a prayer hall and a library and a memorial to Bhagavan Ramana at Palakkad.  It was inaugurated in January 1954,  by the then governor of Madras, Sri Sriprakasa. Spiritual discourses by eminent scholars, bhajans and classes continued there under his auspices.  Vakeel Swami attracted and transformed innumberable seekers at this centre. 

(Source: As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.