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Narikutti Swami - 5
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Kamala Devi continues....

Apart from these activities which made good use of his strong and
lion-like constitution, he continued to study Vedantic writings,
Puranas relating to the holy places of South India and particularly
Bhagavan Ramana's writings.  He had a fine intellect and would
enjoy discussions on spiritual subjects with other resident swamis
who became his friends.

He was fond of walking around Sri Arunachala, either alone in silence,
or discussing the fine points of spiritual teachings with a companion.
His reputation as an expounder of Vedanta beame known and quite a
few Westerners visiting Tiruvannamalai would regularly find their
way to his door.

He lived most simply and kept his abode clean and neat.  He always
kept with him three or four books and note books and stationary for
writing letters, a black and red pen.  His writing was extremely neat
in Tamil and in English and he would rule the page with red ink, creating a neat form.  There was a kerosene lamp which he used after evenings.

Narikutti always dressed in white Veshti and tundu and he washed
one set of clothes when taking his bath and hung it dry on a rod
above his bathing place.  He prepared simple food with rice and vegetables and fruit salads.  He never asked for money as his guru
had instructed.  Neverthelss, he was given money by local people and some Western visitors.

In one of his notebooks, he had written a Sanskrit word related to his name, whcih translated as "living in one's own house, free and

Narikutti's health was not always good.  The climate was hard on him and, as the years went by, he suffered from a number of maladies,
developing trouble with his liver and intestines. His once powerful body began to show signs of deterioration and weakness despite the various medicines he took.

His life on the Hill was not always peaceful and quiet.  One day, thieves broke into his hut while he was at home.  With his deteriorating health and difficulty in climbing up and down from the Hill, with deep regret, he was forced to move down from the Hill
and was kindly given a room in Seshadri Ashram.

(Source: As indicaed above in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.